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Social Media Management

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What is Social Media?

Social media refers to the platforms and networks that enable the interactive web by engaging users to participate in, comment on and create content as means of communicating with their social graph, other users and the public. Social media encompasses a wide variety of content formats including text, video, photographs and audio. Many social media platforms make use of these options by allowing more than one content alternative.

Social media allows interactions to cross one or more platforms through social sharing, email and feeds. It involves different levels of engagement by participants who can create, comment or lurk on social media networks, and it can provide for one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many communications.

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are currently three very popular social media platforms. In this respect, social media really isn’t media at all, as the term refers only to the platforms and networks which are used by your customers and prospects to interact with you, and each other.

Why do you need Social Media?

Social media offers a level of interaction with your customers which has finally started to come to maturity on the internet. For too long, online marketing has been a one-way conversation, a collection of advertisements available on one’s computer, in the form of websites and display ads. Now, your website can contain user community interaction in the form of feedback and reviews, can effortlessly feed content into your social media presence on all of the major networks, and those in turn can generate massive referrals and repeat business.

Social media is cost-free advertising. When your customers and clients are delighted, it is no longer simply “word of mouth” that generates referrals back to your business. With a click, a tweet, a review, or a status update their experience can (and many times is) broadcast to their entire social network.

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