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You excel at what you do. Do your magic, and we'll do ours.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be as up-front with you, and transparent as possible with regards to prices. Most agencies don’t do this, and we understand the reasons why, but we want you to understand now what some of the costs are.

Why are you here?

When we started providing these services in the 90’s, most of our projects were brand new websites for businesses that had yet to take the plunge into online marketing. But these days, most businesses we work with already have a website and are simply underwhelmed or flat-out frustrated with the low amount of traffic and visibility that they get on Google© (sorry Yahoo© and Bing©!).

So we invite you to read more about our process and pricing below…

Phase One: The Proposal & Estimate
This is typically the first 1-2 weeks of our engagement. This is also your primary concern, right? Not many services can be priced at the outset. There are as many different websites and needs as there are businesses in this world. To give you an accurate estimate, complete marketing analysis and proposed project plan, several hours of research are required to get started.

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Phase Two: Project Implementation
This is typically the next 1-3 weeks of our engagement. It gets what’s detailed in the project plan to reality, and at the end you are fully integrated into the Timms Media family and you will start seeing initial results…sometimes very quickly! The Project Implementation phase is sometimes the largest investment a small or medium sized business will ever make in their business. But unlike any other type of capital investment, your revenue growth will be tracked by the penny to each and every marketing channel we choose to use.

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Phase Three: Optimization & Business Acceleration
This is our monthly ongoing engagement. Although it starts slow to gather initial results from the Project Implementation phase, and for you to recover from what are usually the highest one-time costs of our lifetime engagement, it can scale quickly as traffic and revenue results are realized. Simply put, like all previous engagement phases, it pays for itself quickly and budget is freed to expand your online marketing efforts. This is quite honestly the most exciting phase (our personal favorite as we watch you grow), as all marketing campaigns and your website are fine-tuned to drive even greater ROI and business acceleration.

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Providing services for over 15 years to top-player Fortune 100 companies, large and small internet retailers, professional services businesses of all sizes, statewide and federal political campaigns and non-profit organizations.