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Search Marketing Analysis Packages

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The Search Marketing Project Lifecycle

Search engine marketing projects evolve though three main phases. The first analysis phase is priced on this page, which describes key deliverables and total cost.

Phase One
Phase Two
Phase Three
  • Evaluate current performance
  • Market and keyword research
  • Competition analysis
  • Marketing plan development
  • Cost and time estimation
  • Complete tasks in the marketing plan
  • Deploy website modifications
  • Deploy paid campaigns
  • Measure initial performance
  • Initiate scheduled reporting
  • Analyze result data
  • Complete scheduled off-site SEO tasks
  • Continue website optimization
  • Optimize paid campaigns for maximum ROI
  • Identify further opportunities
~1-2 weeks ~1-3 weeks monthly

Analysis Phase Deliverables

The following are reports, research and recommendations that result from the analysis phase. All reports will be produced monthly with long-term engagements.

SEO Analysis

Website Audit Report
The website audit analyzes pages for dozens of crucial factors that deal with the website’s structure and HTML-coding, so that errors can be fixed and primary on-site optimization opportunities can be identified.

Rank Analysis Report
The rank analysis checks current rankings in search engines for targeted keywords. It also precisely compares performance against up to 3 competitors or model industry leaders.

PPC Analysis

The PPC analysis report is derived from researching the PPC market for the desired niche. This includes average click costs, the scope of competition, projected campaign viability and a recommended budget.

Analysis Phase Costs

The following are analysis phase costs for one small business retail or professional services website.

SEO Implementation Phase and both SEO and PPC Optimization Phase fees are estimated only at the conclusion of the analysis phase. They are all heavily dependent on the outcome of the initial Analysis Phase research.

Package Fee
SEO Analysis Package $500
PPC Analysis Package $225
Complete SEO & PPC Analysis Package $600*
Purchase of the SEO Analysis Package includes one year of weekly update reports covering initial keyword rank positions and several other key website SEO factors.

* $150 discount if SEO and PPC are completed together at the same time. Purchase of an analysis package that includes PPC will credit 3 hours against PPC implementation estimate for the first month campaign setup.

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